Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Teluk Kemang Beach, PD

Daddy & mommy brought Ning Ning to beach again. Yay !!! Ning Ning loves going to beach. Can play with sand and salt water .. It's party time !!!

Let's build a sand castle. I'm the princess so must have a castle. But I don't want the mo-mo queen that give me apple. Yucks !!! pa pa

With my mei mei, Qian Hui

Monday, June 14, 2010

World Best Dad

Daddy loves Ning Ning so much, daddy deserved to be the "World's Best Dad"

Friday, November 6, 2009

How to eat half boiled eggs?

I went back to MaMa's house in one of the weekend. Daddy mommy brought Ning Ning to one of the kedai kopi to have breakfast. Oh well, daddy always order Ning Ning's favourite breakfast which are Roti Bakar Kahwin + Half boiled egg.

Let Ning Ning show you how to deliciously eat the half boiled egg:

1. First, you add in some soy sauce and pepper. Then you stir the egg yolk and egg white together. Count to TEN, 1, 2, 5, 6, 10. Yeah !!! EAT

2. You slurpee from the plate.

3. Oh doggie, you want some too?

4. Neh Neh Neh ,, Neh Neh.. No you don't !! Continue slurping.. Hmm .. yummy, that 4 steps are how you going to enjoy your half boiled egg to the maximum.

I am so adorable, oh my God !!!

I am so adorable....

Do my smile melt your heart? My number is 0024 43420 0024 43420 and my code is AABB AAABBB AB.

I Promised I Will Behave, Daddy.

Daddy, I promised that I will behave. (only for today)

I promised I won't drift around KL. (drift in PJ can?)

I promised I won't race against Mak Kai Su Ma Kai so that he won't be embarassed when he lost to me. (race with Lewis Hamilton can?)

I promised I will drive you and mommy around in my new luxury car. (Don't worry, I promised to be a filial daughter)

I Pretty Or Not? I Pretty Or Not?

I Pretty Or Not?I Pretty Or Not?

I Pretty Or Not? Hmmm

See I Pretty Or not?

If you say I not pretty, I no friend you.

How I Sleep?

Haiya .... Kungfu fighting ...

Don't you ever come near me when I sleep. Haiya